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Once a person has certain health indicator levels out of the norm (e. high blood pressure or blood sugar), the best approach is to change the person's objective but also subjective health condition through behavioral intervention to lower the levels to normal range without the need for pharmaceuticals (or alongside them).

These behavioral interventions can include a change in eating habits, physical activity, communication / mental health, or regular health monitoring that can prevent future health complications.

The importance of behavioral interventions in this area is well researched and proven, but they are scarcely used in practice due to time constraints and the capacity of the healthcare system. Furthermore, the contracts with health insurance companies in the Slovak Republic do not provide sufficient motivation for the use of behavioral interventions, which we believe can be changed.

The goal of the project is to develop and test new intervention protocols to bring individual health coaching and telehealthcare for seniors aged 60+ as well as group lessons in self-management of chronic health problems.

The individual success indicators of the developed behavioral intervention protocols are the habits that users adopt, for example, in food and nutrition or physical activity, and the test results of health indicator levels (eg. glucose, blood pressure, BMI, subjective sense of health). 


Stage 1

  • Analysis & design of innovative Health and Social Service (HSS)
    Completion: January 2023

  • Digital solution proof of concept
    Completion: May 2023

  • Protocols & interventions design
    Completion: January 2023

  • Initial experiment with HSS
    Completion: March 2024

  • Validation of digital solution
    Completion: May 2023

  • Data preparation
    Completion: March 2024

Stage 2

  • Testing of innovative social service
    Completion: March 2024

  • Training model
    Completion: March 2024

Stage 3

  • Final evaluation of innovative service
    Completion: March 2024

  • Final evaluation of individual models
    Completion: March 2024


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